Dear Band Students and Parents,

Welcome to the Washington-Wilkes Tiger Band!!!  We are very excited that you have decided to join us this year!  As your new director, I can assure you that your experience in this organization will be one of the most memorable and exciting decisions of your middle and high school career.

Our Mission as a performing ensemble is to educate, entertain, and serve our community, families, and colleagues.  Our job is to provide the best product we can through regular group rehearsal and personal practice sessions.  Students will benefit musically and culturally, as well as grow both socially and emotionally as a band member.  Every student will experience a positive environment in which they are encouraged to thrive as a team player and an individual.

The band offers a chance for the development of leadership skills.  The student leadership program in the Washington-Wilkes Band plays a tremendous role in shaping its future.  Communication skills are stressed, along with group management, goal setting, time management, and other valuable skills and strategies that help to increase the student’s self-confidence and self-image.  Student leaders serve as role models for younger members of the program.

The “band experience” is a unique and memorable experience.  Students get the opportunity to perform, travel, and be a part of something exceptional.  The Washington-Wilkes Band offers many options for the student who chooses to be a part of this “Superior” program.  The marching and concert bands provide many opportunities for enrichment and personal development.

It is the hope of the school, directors, students, and parents that we maintain as fine an organization as possible.  Only everyone taking a sincere pride and interest in the band can we accomplish this.  Only through hard work and cooperation can we develop a band that we can all be proud of.  There are no magic formulas or guarantees, but by following the handbook thoroughly, living up to the standards and procedures described herein, and using good judgment, you will have done a great deal towards promoting and developing a fine band program.  This is YOUR BAND and it will be SUPERIOR through YOUR EFFORTS! 


Let the Music Begin!