Letter Jacket Sizing and Ordering


  • We will have letter jacket sizing and ordering day in May 2021 in the school cafeteria.  Payment will be received upon sizing and ordering. Interested students need to talk to Jostens about customizations. 


  • Jackets start at $120.00.  This includes wool or vinyl sleeves, student’s name and instrument on the front, and graduation year on the sleeve.  Anything more than that will include an up charge.  Students have several options for the back of the jacket.  There is also a leather sleeve option.


  • All orders will be handled directly with Jostens and paid directly to Jostens. Students may use band account funds towards the band jackets. The band treasurer will be available to write checks from band accounts the day of order placements. The balance must be paid before ordering the jacket. 


  • If you would like to order patches you will need to do so on the day of sizing. 



***Money goes directly to Jostens! This is a change from previous years.



***Do not order a “WW” letter for your jacket.  This will be given to students who earned a letter for marching band at the band banquet.